F1™ Racing Game Simulator
Racing Game Simulator

The marketing of racing games will soon explode. A good explanation for that is OpenWheeler. This great racing game simulator seat will cause you to feel sorry that the day has solely twenty four hours. Just drive a lap or two with OpenWheeler and discover it for yourself.

F1 Game Simulator

The greatest racing seat cockpit for PS/Xbox/Wii game consoles. £270 (two hundred and seventy GBP) or $400 (four hundred US dollars) is the fee for the home racing cockpit.

F1™ Game Simulator
Open Wheeler F1™ Game Cockpit
OpenWheeler F1™ Racing Game Seat
Best Gran Turismo™ Driving Seat

Do I really require a video game seat?

If you are a real racing sim devotee, the reply is YES! No one on the planet can accomplish a genuine car racing simulation without a driving wheel and an accurate driving game seat simulator....

What's in the package?

Racing Game Simulator Review Each OpenWheeler is securely conveyed and will arrive in superb condition every time. Each pack includes everything you require: 1. An exceptionally functional and light OpenWheeler driving...